One common question asked about painting kitchen cabinets is if the paint will chip or peel off shortly after painting. This depends on your painter’s expertise. A well-painted cabinet is durable, and it can last a lifetime, meaning you might never think of repainting any time soon.
However, if the painting process is not correctly done, the paint can peel off with time, requiring repainting. This usually occurs when a beginner painter with no experience painting kitchen cabinets is entrusted with a painting job. Recently, many homeowners complained about their painted cabinets peeling off. When we talked to them, we realized that mostly the companies that have painted the cabinets for them don’t have a proper workshop to do the job. So instead, they spray-painted the doors in their garage or, in some cases, they sub-contracted spraying the doors to another shop to be able to lower their cost.
While painting in a garage is ok for a DIYer or a small and unimportant project, it can completely destroy your finishing. The temperature fluctuation, dust and many other factors will affect the final result.
Also, with all due respect, we have seen many shops that accept spraying the doors cut corners, as they are not dealing with the final client directly.
Our kitchen cabinet painting service offers a five-year “no peel” warranty.
We take care of your project with our professional employees and our well-equipped and organized facility.