Professional Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Vaughan Woodbridge

Arsh Art Cabinets is a family-owned local company that has been in the cabinet refinishing business since 2011. We are one of the top-rated cabinet refinishing companies because we offer a reliable and almost permanent solution for cabinet repainting. Our goal is to have all happy clients, helping them to have their Kitchen stylish and modern.

Arsh Art Cabinets started its official journey in 2011, however, I have been in the wood finishing and painting industry since 2002.  Back then not so many companies were offering professional cabinet refinishing. The reason? The paint technology was not so improved as now to be able to work in clients’ houses with the traditional wood paints. The only type of available paint called laquer, had a very strong odour, was not healthy for indoor residential use without industrial ventilation and somehow it was explosive. (The new generation of lacquer paint is available in the market, however, it is still very smelly)

I was always thinking that there should be a better way to repaint the cabinets without dismantling and shipping them to the shop and again re-installing them. Many pro painters were confronting me when I experiment the water-based paint. Most of the skilled cabinet painters were telling me the water-based will not last long, and they were somehow right. But I really wanted to find a solution for it.

I started to mix and experiment with different types of primers and water-based paints until I came to the resolution that with the help of a special bonding primer, I can use a mixture of water-based paint to have a good result.

To have the Arsh Art running I was not able to rent a shop for myself. In the beginning, I tried outsourcing the spray painting of the doors and drawers to other painters who had a shop. It was difficult convincing them to use the water-based paint and primer for this purpose. Even, when I could find some painters to do the job for me, they couldn’t come up with an acceptable final result. It took a couple of jobs for me to realize that water-based paints usually come thicker and with higher viscosity and the painters were spray painting with the same techniques as they were painting with laquer.

So I decided to rent an equipped shop in Scarborough for the nighttime and weekends to start my project there. Finally, I could reach the result I liked. My customers were all happy about the result and they were referring me to their family and friends. It was almost the end of 2011 when I realized that I can’t stay on my schedule when I have the workshop during the night only. There was no way I could expand this business with a part-time shop.

Middle of spring 2012, we moved to our current location. Now, as we have our full-time workshop we could handle more projects and I could do more experiments to come up with better products. I was trying all the products coming to the market and painting with different types of primers and paints. However, still, the main combination that we were using since 2011, was giving us a better result. Interestingly, during almost five years of using that mixture, we only had 3 clients who called us for touch-ups after a while. That was so impressive for me.

In 2017, when Benjamin Moore started their new product line, called SCUFF-X® and I read its specification and formulation, I decided to give it a try. The first couple of times, the result was much better than other water-based paints, however still not close to my expectation. Again, I started mixing it with my other materials and

VOILA! the final result was so great. Very durable, super smooth as laquer and no odour at all. These are all I needed, A perfect finish to keep our clients super happy!

We have painted hundreds of kitchen cabinets with the mixtures. Callbacks for touch-ups, only 2-3 clients per year. That was an amazing result for me.

Recently we are use an Italian paint brand imported directly from Milan. This new product is known as Wood-Covering, AKA Water-Based Lacquer beside the Benjamin Moore SCUFF-X® brand. In combination, we have more happy customers.

While we were focusing on our experiment, we missed one important point. The new trend for businesses is shifting toward an Online presence, which we missed during all these years. Fortunately, we have finally started our Online journey in late 2021.

Our goal is to reach more customers and offer them our highest quality service that can save them lots of money compared to replacing the whole kitchen cabinets. Besides that, with the help of our top-of-the-line CNC machines, we do cabinet refacing too! So now we are almost a one-stop shop for whoever wants to have their cabinets refinished without spending for a complete new cabinet.

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When she reached the first hills of the Italic Mountains, she had a last view back on the skyline of her she had a last view back on the skyline of her hometown Bookmarks grove, the headline of Alphabet Village and the subline of her own road