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Cabinet Refacing Toronto

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Cabinets Refacing is the smart solution to turn your kitchen to a modern and pleasing area if your cupboards are in good shape but the cabinet doors design are too old!

Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Vaughan Woodbridge

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Are you happy with your cabinet design, however you want to have a brighter and modern kitchen? Kitchen Cabinets Painting is your best bet!

Custom Laundry Cabinets Building Richmond Hill

Custom Cabinet & Closet

Do you need new custom kitchen cabinet? Or you want to have a functional and beautiful laundry room or closet? We design and build it for you!

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Gini M, in Toronto

“Arsh Art did a great job refinishing my 92 year old mother’s kitchen cupboards. Looks as if she had a new kitchen installed. Communication was great and they were always on time. The installer took his time and was very detailed. Highly recommend Sara & this company.”

Maria Di-Paolla

“Finished product was very impressive. Substantial work went into the preparation which included sanding and adding 3 coats of primer in addition to two coats of paint. We elected to spray paint the frames and fixed panels which added more preparation to tape and isolate the area. Sara and her team were a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them.”

Dave B. in Woodbridge

“Arsh Art Ccabinets, refaced my kitchen cabinets and countertops. They did my ensuite bathroom cabinetry and counter tops as well. We love our new kitchen! We are all very happy with your quality, punctuality, professionalism and friendliness. Thanks Sara & Amir.”

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No matter what you decide, or which company you choose to have your cabinets refinished, you can always call us and talk to us about your questions or concerns. We are here to help you not force you.

4 Reasons Why Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing is Worth it

No matter the condition, if you’re considering painting kitchen cabinets or refinishing them, there are four great reasons why you should do it yourself or with the help of a professional rather than investing in new cabinets altogether. Here are the top four reasons why painting or refinishing your kitchen cabinets can be worth it instead of buying new ones.

Cabinet Refinishing Can Save You Money!

When you repaint kitchen cabinets, you may think that you’re spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t improve your home. But cabinet painting will actually cost less than a third of new cabinets. If you’re planning to sell your house in a few years, saving money on paint may make your home more appealing to buyers. And if you plan to stay in your home for a while, repainting also makes sense. With new materials and technologies in cabinet construction, painting can give new life to tired and outdated kitchens without spending thousands of dollars on brand-new cabinets. Cabinet Refacing instead of replacing the entire set, homeowners can freshen up their cabinets for less than a third of what new cabinets would cost. The most common reason people buy new cabinets isn’t that they need them; they want them. For many homeowners, buying new cabinets isn’t an option because they don’t have enough space or simply don’t want to remodel their whole kitchen. In those cases, why not invest in painted ones?

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Are you selling your house? Cabinet Refinishing Helps you make it faster!

People consider the kitchen the most important part of a house for buyers. It is where we prepare food and spend a lot of time with family and friends. So, you should not underestimate the importance of your kitchen when painting cabinets. When you invest in refinishing your cabinets, they will look new while giving you the value they deserve. Repainting kitchen cabinets can increase their value if done correctly; replacing them is an entirely different story. If you’re thinking about selling your home, investing in refreshing your cabinets can help boost its appeal to prospective buyers who might otherwise overlook it. Think of them as pieces of art: even though they serve a functional purpose (providing storage space), their design also contributes to their aesthetic appeal. Even people who don’t love cooking might still pay extra for beautiful cabinets—they’re more than just practical elements.

Do you Like Modern Houses? It Never Comes With an Old Kitchen

It can be challenging to stick to a modern colour palette if your cabinets have built 15 years ago. You need to make sure that your wall colour and your cabinet color complement each other, so you don’t have a mismatch. This depends on how your kitchen looks and whether you think people notice these details when they step into your home. When painting cabinets, it’s crucial to ensure they match both flooring and countertops and highlight each other with similar shades. The last thing you want in a modern kitchen is an outdated feel. Suppose you decide to go with cabinet refacing. There are several options available in that case: your choice of MDF doors or Wooden doors!

Cabinet Painting, A Faster & Lower Stress Level Project

Every aspect of repainting cabinets has a minimal stress factor. First, kitchen cabinet painting can be done in 10 days or less with close to zero disruption to your home and family. Also, if you choose high-quality paint that will last, you won’t need to repaint them for several years – if ever! The most significant advantage to refinishing cabinets instead of replacing them is saving money. Cabinet refacing takes up significantly less space than brand new cabinets because only doors and drawer fronts are replaced.